p-day post #4

 The  topic I researched this week is gymnastics.  A few interesting things I discovered are 

  •  the Soviet Union inspired thousands of girls to take up gymnastics after she won two gold medals and one silver medal in the 1972 Olympics. She was later named Female Athlete of the Year.In the 1976 Olympics, Nadia Comaneci of Romania became the first gymnast in Olympic history to score a perfect 10.0. She did this on the uneven bars.
  • She went on to record six more perfect scores during those Olympics.In 1984, 16-year-old Mary Lou Retton of West Virginia won the Olympic gold medal in the Women’s All-Around event, thanks to her perfect performance on the vault. She was the first American to win that event.Shannon Miller is now the most decorated female American gymnast of all time. She has seven Olympic medals altogether, two gold, two silver, and three bronze. Only three American women, swimmers Jenny Thompson, Dara Torres, and Shirley Babashoff, have more Olympic medals.
  • At the 1924 Games in Paris, the basis of modern Olympic gymnastics competition was firmly established. The athletes (men) began to compete for individual Olympic titles on each apparatus, as well as in combined individual and team exercises. The 1928 Games witnessed the debut of the first women’s event, the team combined exercise, won by the Netherlands.

My progress is good. I think I am getting lots of information.

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